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It’s time to free yourself from the emotional baggage of food and

body related fear!

Mahima and Grethe are proud to introduce a revolutionary method of reprogramming the brain to change feelings and thoughts related to food. This will help you form a healthy relationship with food and, as a result, have a healthy body at a sustained ideal weight.

In this exclusive workshop, you will be guided through energy healing processes like Emotion Code and Subconscious Release Technique to release food and weight fears once and for all and get in alignment with your ideal weight.

Addressing habitual eaters, emotional eaters, addicted and ignorant eaters. The solution lies in this Workshop


Psychology and Biology that will help you make peace with your body and let go of food obsession. Rewire your brain to change how you feel about food (Value $111)

Alignment with your ideal weight through Guided Meditation and Group Energy Healing. We will use Emotion Code and Subconscious Release Technique to release fears around weight and foods once and for all (Value $111)


1. Worksheets and guide book to start your Intuitive Eating journey (Value $111)
- Self-reflection guide to conquer cravings in 7 days
- Food mood Journal
- Hunger and fullness scale
- Breathing technique to end your midnight snacking habit for good
- 5-Minute Tasteful Meditation to awaken all the 5 sensory organs
- Break myths around health, nutrition and weight with reflection questions

2. Soul Nourishing Recipes (Value $49)

3. Guided Body Kindness Meditation (Value $49)

4. Body positive and Kindness Yoga Guidebook (Value $49)

5. List of Body positive affirmations to rewire your subconscious mind (Value $29)

Total Value : $509
Investment:    $99
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The event will be recorded. We reserve the right to post online and use for our future online courses.

Mahima & Grethe