I finally attracted a good guy!


Last year I was at a point in my life where I was really ready to be in a committed long term relationship with a good, kind man. For some reason I seemed to be attracted to “bad guys” and there was a big difference between the man I wanted and the type of men I tended to date.

In my sessions with Grethe, we worked on adjusting my beliefs and my point of attraction to match the kind of man and the kind of relationship I wanted.

A few months later, I found myself in a loving, committed relationship with a wonderful, kind, solid man. I am so happy! Thank you so much!

Grethe helped me manifest my dream relationship!


Grethe is an amazing practitioner. She has literally changed my life 360 degrees for the better. She has helped me in changing deep-rooted negative beliefs of mine.

Since I started working with Grethe the only vibrations around me are high vibrational feelings. She helped me change the type of men I was attracted to and my relationship patterns. 

I had a pattern of dating narcissists and since working on these issues, I spot these patterns immediately and no longer let these kinds of men into my life.

A few months ago I met an amazing man and I am enjoying our relationship so much!

Finally I can feel again


Working with Grethe was great. She lovingly and smoothly guides you through the sessions. She is amazing at finding the root cause of the issue. The combination of the energy work and small, manageable action steps has had great effects on my health and body.

I have learned the value and ease of making sure I have delicious meals or snacks available when I am hungry, and I made some great new habits to make sure I drink enough water. 

The most amazing effect I have noticed after my heart wall was released is that I am much more in contact with my emotions. Before I started working with Grethe, I never cried. Lately I find myself crying quite often and it is a release that feels great. Now I acknowledge and process my emotions (instead of eating them).

Increased self-love and a boost in productivity!


I am a high achieving business owner and divorcee. I was struggling with feelings of hopelessness around romantic relationships for the last few years. These feelings really felt like a block from allowing me to meet someone special. This is when I connected with Grethe and went through her “Becoming your dream partner’s dream partner” program.


Even after the first session, I noticed I felt generally happier and relieved. Now, I have an even healthier mindset. I find myself treating me better, speaking to myself in a loving and caring way. This has allowed me to repair interpersonal relationships and build on healthier friendships. I am also seeing positive results in my business! After releasing my heart wall, I have had an overflow of energy and inspiration that has allowed me to take the necessary steps towards expanding the services I offer.


I'm so happy and grateful to work with Grethe. She's incredibly efficient, making the most value of my time.

quit smoking

I quit a 40 year smoking habit in just one session!


I have been smoking for 40 years. I have tried to quit multiple times and I managed for a while but I started smoking again every time.

After hearing about a client of Grethe´s who quit her tobacco habit after only one session I decided to give this a go. We did one session with PSYCH-K and Emotion Code.

I quit immediately after the session. It was so easy, easier than ever before. It feels like I have never smoked at all. The cough I had for a long time is also completely gone.

I downloaded an app that tracks how much money I save for each day that I am not smoking. It is so motivating and I just bought an iPad with the money saved. Thank you!

I quit my tobacco habit!


For the first time in my life I feel connected to myself. I had my first session a couple of years ago because I wanted to feel safe and whole in myself. I needed people around me to relax and feel good. I was insecure, especially at the thought of speaking in front of others. I noticed a shift very quickly after the session. Now I feel stable in myself and I love my alone time. I feel like I am enough. I recently gave a speech in front of hundreds of people. I felt completely safe and loved doing it. I got a standing ovation. It was amazing!

Recently I had a session addressing a tobacco habit I have had for a year and a half. After one session, I immediately and naturally was able to quit this habit. Grethe is a wonderful coach who guides you to safely get in touch with yourself so you can change your point of attraction to manifest the life that you want. Highly recommended!

Overcoming divorce and learning self love


Grethe is one of the most positive and amazing people I have met in a long time. She is genuinely interested in people and helping them. She is really easy to talk to and it feels safe to open up and be vulnerable with her in a way that I haven’t done before.

Her coaching, advice, book recommendations, and emotion code work has helped me get through a rough period of my life that included a burnout and the end of a long relationship with the mother of my children.

Grethe has taught me the value of self-love and the power of self-talk and positive language. My results have been amazing. I hardly ever feel sad anymore, it is like there is something keeping the negative thoughts out of my mind. I also got over the sadness of ending my last relationship much quicker than I thought possible. Thank you so much!

From negative to positive self- talk


I love my sessions with Grethe because she creates a space where it feels safe for me to be open and vulnerable. At the same time, I only share what I am comfortable sharing. The modalities she uses makes it possible to heal and process without sharing when that feels right.

In the short time we have been working together, I have already noticed improvements in both mental, emotional, and physical issues. I used to be bothered by very negative self- talk and negative thinking. Now it is as if there is a barrier between me and those negative thoughts and they can’t reach me anymore. I have noticed a new flow in my life, my friends tell me I feel lighter and my relationships feel more connected and meaningful. I look forward to continuing on this journey and experiencing the effects of re-programming my point of attraction to match what I want.

No more anxiety


Grethe is amazing. Her energy and kindness are contagious. She has the ability to make one feel comfortable and safe, but still, she always finds ways for you to explore even deeper emotions. I am a true believer that what you think you become, what you feel you attract.

When I had my session with Grethe, I was really anxious about lots of things. Grethe helped me remove blockages that made me see more clearly and not focus on these anxious feelings.

My heart got lighter, and my focus shifted. Now I am more at peace and my anxiety has shifted to excitement

My tunnel phobia is gone!


I am free from my phobia of tunnels! For years I was anxious about driving in tunnels. This bothered me a lot, especially living in Norway where there are so many tunnels.

After two Emotion Code sessions with Grethe, I am completely free of my anxiety and I drive through tunnels smiling. After working with Grethe I also completely released my bad conscience related to a person in my life.

Grethe is very efficient. She is also very easy to talk to and she is very good at holding space. She creates a safe space where it is ok to cry, laugh, talk, or be quiet. I look forward to more sessions and I am definitely recommending working with Grethe to anyone who wants to change their lives and get rid of the emotional baggage that is holding them back.

My back is healing and I sleep better


Oh my goodness the shifts! I cannot express the amount of gratitude to you for lighting my path with your services and helping me to return to wholeness.

13 years ago I was in a car accident and as a result of that I sufferend a neck and back injury. I have tried "everything", including many healing modalities with no results.

My next day to work after our last session really put things into perspective. You were right about the electromagnetic frequency radiation. I noticed when I was at my desk the symptoms increased. So I listened to my body and when it gave me signals of too much radiation I would get up and walk around the office or go outside. I got an earthing mat and a shungite crystal for my office. The symptoms I discussed with you decreased when I made these changes with my work environment. 


I went to massage this past week and he told me my back is healing. Yay! I am certain your gift and body code/emotion code helped heal the neck and back injury. I am sleeping better too. Tuesday night I slept right through the night.


Very grateful the Universe brought us together. Thank you beautiful soul for your gift, healing and grace.

Body Code helped me heal from seizures


I'm a non-profit founder and server. I was struggling with seizures, attacks and back pain for years. I was also overthinking a lot and had lots of negative self-talk. This had a big impact on my ability to connect with people, and to work and function in all areas of life.

I found out about Body Code and how it might help with my issues and decided to give it a try. 

What I really like about healing with Grethe is it doesn't feel formal. It feels totally like a friend helping a friend, which makes me very comfortable and more relatable. Her energy is so warm and compassionate, you will feel at ease with her.

Now I no longer experience the seizures and I feel way more in control of my life. I stopped overthinking so much - my head is way less busy now! I am also much more in touch with my emotions. All of this allows me to connect more deeply with people. 

I now prioritize self-love and self-care in a way that I didn't before. This has been a truly eye opening experience. Thank you!

I don't feel lonely anymore


I have had the pleasure of working with Grethe and receiving her wonderful service. She is a high-quality practitioner in Psych-K and Emotion Code, and I have benefitted greatly from her help.

My closest relationships started shifting, as well as all other areas of my life such as finances and health.

Grethe is very clear, focused, present, efficient, light-hearted, and deep at the same time. I feel safe and taken care of in her presence.

I recommend working with Grethe, from my heart.

I discovered new sources of passive income


"Before I started the "Opening the door to unlimited abundance"  program, I was working a safe government job that I loved, but that I knew would never bring me the kind of financial freedom I dreamed of. 

While working with Grethe, we released negative beliefs around my income being limited by me doing the job I love. A few weeks after I completed the program, I discovered the stock market. I started educating myself about trading and in my first year I was able to make a 600 % profit ($ 80,000) on my portfolio.

She has helped me shift my paradigm around money to a whole new level. Not only have I found a new way of building wealth, I have also found my passion.